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The research group is made out of mostly university professors who are devoted to both, teaching and researching. In the role of drivers of scientific education, the members of the group stand out for their high results in university teaching surveys and for the large number of PhD and Master dissertations and end-of-grade works directed by the members of the group. All the members of the group are linked to different Master and Phd programs where they teach and supervise Master and PhD thesis. Regarding the training it is to highlight that the members ot the group have supervised around one hundred PhD students from all around the world. Topics are very various and adapts to the profile of the PhD candidates. Some of them hold competitive fellowships to study their PhD. Some others are funded by the research funds of the group. The output of their research depends on their dedication, on their motivation and on the strength of their previous education. However, all the students are given equal opportunities irrespective of their origin. When they enter the PhD program, all students are proposed an educational holistic plan to be in a position to be hired by any university all around the world after their PhD. This includes not only teach them how to research and propose them cutting-edge topics, but also train them in some other soft skills. Many of them, ended up holding faculty positions in top world universities ( e.g. Imperial College, London, U.K.; UNAM, Mexico D.F, Mexico; Indian Institute of Tenology, Madras, Chennai, India; USP, Sao Paulo, Brazil).