The Team


The CONSTRUTECH is a very compact group, formed by ten doctors whose academic and research link is that they were former PhD students of two founders of the Civil Engineering School of Barcelona: Prof. Dr. Antonio Aguado, Concrete Full Professor and Prof. Dr. Angel C. Aparicio, Bridge Full Professor.

These senior professors, also members of this group, were pioneers of civil engineering research in Spain, in a time where research was not a trend in technical schools in Spain. They were able to anticipate the importance of generating knowledge for the University and developed, from the very beginning of their academic careers, very strong research groups. Their disciples have been educated in this idea and, no matter their age, are devoted to research and technology transfer.

The overall objective of the group is to contribute to the technological, economic and social development through research, innovation, technology transfer, knowledge generation and training in the field of Construction Engineering and Civil Engineering Infrastructures. The members of the Construction Engineering Group are recognized as experts at an international level for the quality and quantity of their scientific and technical research. This provides a distinguishing feature, bridging the gap between the academic and professional world in the field of civil engineering and construction.
The group, in constant contact with industry, fosters an ongoing process of improving and finding new goals, trying to identify innovative aspects to focus on and to identify new research topics, trying to solve industry needs.


Antonio AGUADO

Joan Ramon CASAS

Gonzalo RAMOS




Associate Professors

Ignacio SEGURA

Assistant Professors

Nikola Tosic

Responsible for Quality Assurance

Eduardo Galeote

Maria del Mar Casanovas

Milad Komary

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Andrea Monserrat

External Collaborators

Irene Jose

Lect. Prof. in UCL